“I started to see Juanita at a time of transition in my life and I was unsure how I would cope with the changes. Juanita is easy to talk to and I felt at ease from the start. She gave me the space I needed to talk through the things of concern and reflect on how I might embrace the changes.  Juanita’s gentle challenging helped me to realise that there could be a different way of doing things and I felt I learnt a bit more about myself, my automatic responses to things, and how to nurture the parts of me I had neglected. I left the sessions feeling stronger and better equipped to look after myself.”    ~  FL

"The sessions helped me a lot and I improved tremendously after each one. Juanita is very passionate about all this and she has a gentle way of being and softly challenged me during our discussions. She also gave me the opportunity to work on my issues outside of sessions with some small suggestions that I could implement by myself or questions to meditate about. It was a pleasure going to the sessions and I looked forward to speaking with her weekly."~  IP

"I attended therapy sessions with Juanita at a pretty low point in my life and I found them to be a huge help. She listened without judgement and asked the right kind of questions that really helped my thought process. I was reticent and nervous to begin with at the thought of going to therapy sessions - it's a daunting prospect if you've never been before. But I'm extremely glad that I did. The sessions were very good for me and I'd recommend Juanita to anyone considering therapy of their own, whatever the motivation or situation".  ~ AM